Diadem Solstice Power (Teal)

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Diadem Solstice Power (Teal)

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Utilizing patent pending six-pointed Star Core Technology, Solstice Power is a comfortable soft co-poly that combines low-friction surface and maximum ball bite. This string was built for massive spin!
  • This technology uses a six-pointed geometric cross section that equally distributes contact between strings, thereby minimizing friction significantly to allow for explosive snap back. At the same time the star shape provides a larger surface area creating more bite on the ball at impact to achieve maximum spin potential.
  • Bite - The sharp edges give you maximum bite into the ball on contact.
  • Snapback - Reduced coefficient of friction from limited contact points allows for easy snapback after the ball leaves the string bed.
  • Spin - The most aggressively shaped poly on the market, a unique star shape, maximizes bite and snapback resulting in the most spin friendly string available.

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