Tourna Big Hitter Silver7 Tour Reel 660' (Silver)

Tourna Big Hitter Silver7 Tour Reel 660' (Silver) vid-40174717108311
Tourna Big Hitter Silver7 Tour Reel 660' (Silver) vid-40174717141079

Tourna Big Hitter Silver7 Tour Reel 660' (Silver)

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Tourna designed Big Hitter Silver 7 Tour for high level players seeking massive spin and control with good power in a comfortable package. Silver 7 Tour allows skilled players to hit out and still keep the ball in the lines without risking injury to their arm, shoulder or wrist.
Made in Germany using a durable poly-polyether resin, Silver 7 Tour is a seven-sided co-poly that bites the ball hard and snaps back in a flash to impart massive spin. A series of thermal heat processes strengthens the molecular bonds to keep the edges sharp and the string's structure intact through the life of the string. Seven edges bite into the ball while the main strings snap back in an instant during the hit, giving incredible spin and pin-point accuracy.

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